Untitled, National Gallery (2004) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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National Gallery, Prague

On Saturday 20/11/2004 we came as regular visitors to Veletrzni Palace (permanent exhibition of the 20th century art of the National Gallery, Prague). All of us together and publicly made excrement on the floor within the section of Czech Slovak art of the 1960s, cleaned ourselves with toilet paper and left the gallery without any notice.

Participants: Ondrej Brody, Jiri Franta, Vaclav Magid, Marek Meduna, Petr Motejzik.

Some comments concerning the performance:

The National Gallery should be one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. Its current condition is worrying us and we are trying not to be indifferent about this situation. We don’t agree with its direction, how it is represented by Milan Knizak. The present state of the National Gallery is forcing us to think about museums in general and their function within the society. We think that the opinion about the National Gallery and the expression of this opinion is a personal matter of each citizen, although it is important to remember that the National Gallery is a state institution. The multiplication of individual actions within our performance creates an atmosphere of a campaign.