super-Flux (2006) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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On january 16, 2006 we started super-Flux, a Berlin-based information bureau and a concurrence to e-Flux, with a platform of over 45.000 international readers specialized in contemporary visual arts.

Within 2 weeks we started to get e-mails from e-Flux, asking us to change our name and layout. Our listserv provider was also several times contacted by e-Flux, asking them to stop serve us. E-Flux also contacted directly our announcers, urging them not to use our service (which was for free).

Super-Flux had quickly become very popular, attracting many institutions who used to announce with e-Flux.

On february 14, 2006, e-Flux’s German lawyers sent us and our listserv provider a threatening letter, due to which our listserv provider stopped serving us. We replied to the charges but were not able to go on without the listserv provider’s support.

The legal correspondence that resulted from this affair deals with such issues as ‘appropriation & copyright’, ‘economical concurrence & artistic critique’.