Miss Krimi (2005) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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In collaboration with Mark Ther

Text by Michal Pechoucek

We are in the middle of a forest during wintertime. From the depth of the picture appears a nerveless figure, which attracts us by its inappropriateness. It’s a woman of an uncertain age in an old violet sweater and blue jeans. Her old-fashioned black boots are almost tripping over the heavily snowed path. She is approaching the camera in silence, until her face covers most of the picture filmed with an unstable and subjective camera. The desperate expression in her face is revealing that somebody sent her in this direction and that she is not coming willingly. The manipulative voice behind the camera is sustaining this speculation with its harsh instructions towards the woman: “Show me your cunt! Eat it! Turn around! Get out, slowly!” The woman, actress or prostitute (it doesn’t matter) is humbly rolling up her sweater, taking off her panties so that she finally receives her reward, a piece of a chocolate cookie. Then, chewing the cookie, she is leaving slowly the same way she came. How many times was this scene repeated already? There are lots of footsteps and just a small leftover of the chocolate cookie… Miss Krimi is a very cruel but also real picture. It is a mix of disgust and absurd humor, which is testing our cynical nature as well as our ethical and moral instincts.