Le Déjeuner sur l�Herbe (2006) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau

Homage to Edouard Manet
Video, 3 min. 39 sec.


The video shows on the left screen the finished montage with contemporary czech porn actors animating the classical painting by Edouard Manet which forms the backdrop of the scene. On the right screen the shooting of the video in a blue box is displayed, showing the set with the 2 cameramen-directors dressed and painted in blue. The phonetically repeated french dialogues of the actors add to the awkwardness of their performance and to the disconcerting atmosphere of the work.

Translated from the original French dialogues:

I undera • Me • I don’t understand • Contem…porla art • Contemporla art • Contempora art • Contemporary art • I need some action • What can I do? • Tina, do you want also? • Yes why not • These carrots are cold • I like it when it starts to glide • My am so blored • I am so bovrled • Bored • I am bored! • I also want to • Finally some action • Those young guys are crazy • I wait and see… what will happen • I know… what will happen • She sucks good this-one • Allright it’s blonde • Oh yes she’s blonde • Oh yes she’s hot this blonde • This old guy stinks • I know his dick by heart • I neam qua want it fuck • Now I’m going to fuck you • Like a dog • Camembert is so delicious! • I love cheese! • It starts to stink • To stink • At least I earn my five thousand crones • For moment it’s ok • For the moment it’s ok • I’ve had enough • I want to fuck • Not to eat the camendberts • The camen… cag… cagam… cam… mam… bert • Hopefully it’s will be over soon • Hopefully it will be over soon • Oh yes she sucks gool • She sucks gool • She sucks good! • They have no… imagination… these artists • It’s really terrible • Me, I like it! • Now we are going to eat… chocolate mousse! • It looks like poo • Go on, go on my dear… eagle! • Go on, go on my dear… eat it! • Go on my pig… eat the tomatoe! • He’s quite cute this pig isn’t he? • Bon appetit!


57 Responses to “ Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (2006) ”

  1. amusant

  2. funny, but not really interesting guys.

  3. bof.

  4. how much time • to say • you have waste • …um, go on • get • hopefully it will be over soon • a life!

  5. I like the camembert smell and it’s missing…

  6. I like cagambert too!!! The actors are not very sexy though…

  7. je pense que je peux écrire ma critique en français.
    je n’aime pas ce travail. je le trouve trop facile. La provocation est une technique qui correspond à un art datant du XXeme siecle. c’est un peu daté. la force de manet était dans la suggestion de la luxure. ici aucune suggestion, de la platitude.



  8. poor manet:-(

  9. I like it. Porn path to the museum. Superimposition on the landscape painting works. Maybe you should try it without those blurry camera people.

  10. gähn…

  11. youre spammin me!

  12. I’m not sure what to make of this. Is it art? Well maybe. Would the artist approve, I don’t think so, because here the concept is reduced to the lowest common denominator and all the suggestion is stripped away. I reamin unconvinced but it was worth the try.

  13. no linux compatible video file. Manet surely would only use Linux! as it is I see an image that does not draw me to see the video.

  14. Oh dear….

  15. The nudity has been done by Jeff koons and the idea of animating a painting by UK’s Kotting who animated his Down syndrome daughter to be within Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson. Not that all art has to be totally new and origional its just that the idea you are exporing are a bit exhusted at the moment. Would be good to find something that really pisses off the gallery goers as Manet did with Dejeuner Sur le Herbe.

    Good Luck

  16. Schrott! Nicht sehr einfalsreich. Kunst als Vehikel für 3. klassige Pornografie. Die eine Frau hat Recht die Künstler haben weder eine Vision noch besonders viele Ideen. Das Werk gehört also in die Kategorie Zeitklaumaschine.

  17. where’s the art in a bad acting and poor camera work!- sometimes a classic should not be re made-

  18. I like this one cos’ I like humor.

  19. boff????

  20. j’adore cette video, je la fait tourner à mes amis, elle est drole et provocante, sexy et sale. tout ce qu’on aime.
    merci pour cette fraicheur crade.


  22. Es más porno que erotico y eso le da sentido en la intención de que el arte alcance la plana Libertad, esa que no se práctica no se busca realmente ni nos representa como especie. Tiene humos, sentido feo por los feos personajes, si sentimos un poco de pasión por la belleza natural y su plenitud; pero al mismo tiempo eso lo hace cómico, impresionante incluso, y da valor a la realidad escueta de el personaje que sea. Es, como decimos en venezolano, un bacilón, y queda oportuno desacralizar a los maestros para que dejemos de buscar cualquier clase de referente “santificado por los poderes” para aliniar las masas. También puede resultar tonto o inofensivo, como todo lo que va en contra de los acontecimientos…HechoArte

  23. en la segunda línea dije: HUMOR
    en la quinta línea dije: ALINEAR


  24. To http://www.lessiseasier.net, there’s nothing provocative about this video…. I think its more about humour…luv it!!!!

  25. cool

  26. du marketing par des petits malins, et pas autre chose !

  27. and what

  28. Seems like something Benny Hill would have come up with. Crude, obvious, not so funny.

  29. no cmment

  30. Lacks finesse. An excuse for artists to shoot porn (ineptly) and disguise it as some kind of critical statement. Similar things have been done before, only better.

  31. Its great!

  32. Come on… what’s all this talk about this kind of stuff has already been done before? If you guys who write these comments do really revolutionary new stuff then let me see it please! This work is funny, it’s not that simple or flat at all even though it deals with sex and porn and it is manipulating the actors and language in a pretty interesting way. We don’t have to like it but it’s no reason to snob it.

  33. i’m not aware of any similar works so i’ll admit i like this.

  34. put a link to it on http://www.worldwidereview.com
    it’s an open submission art review site
    it’s hard to make porn interesting, and easy to make Manet boring.

  35. no, if we discuss discussion !yes, let’s not snob it, or else your comments also can be snob by other art critics, firstly this is one of the video, porn video with porn actors doing porn action when one cannot have porn affect on mood, so you see porn and you think about other things, real katharsis!!

  36. Bullshit

  37. it is lovely! very nice and “blasé” in all meanings of the word. finally that what everybody expects or hopes, happens in the dejeuner!
    thank you very much for sharing this with me!
    hope to get to know you when I am next week in prague! (I’ll shave my ass!)

  38. I checked the video and yes, i like it.
    rather ugly and still wakenig my pornographical body…
    not a universal piece i’d say, a bit weak in the musical way.. its kind of standing and turning, mooving, walking on the same spot, as if the critisism in this piece isn’t well enough formulated.
    you see: its more shocking than showing an opening or way to some thing…

  39. I don’t like this work. too easy. Provocation is a good attitude for Art
    dating from the twentieth century. Edouard Manet’work was the suggestion
    of lust.
    here no suggestion. just porn.

  40. “buy it here now!” … suxx!

  41. siculus (hu)

    Hol van a pisilő hölgy a háttérből? Amúgy a kép követi a kor változásait. Minden 10 évben kéne egy ilyen beállítás.

  42. I don’t think this piece is even meant to shock in terms of “Oh, look what they’ve done to Manet” or anything like that.
    It’s just about being cheap, it’s about slagging off serious culture, which today is more represented by video art than by an old Manet.
    It’s not your best piece though, and yes -it is quite flat- but that’s ok. You can’t always be brillant, can you?
    As an artist you should also be able to make shitty work without any pretension. I think this piece is like “bad painting” from the eighties.
    If Kippenberger, Oehlen or Buettner had used video, I guess this is what it’d have looked like. I think the reason why people get upset,
    is because they’re not used to this kind of use of the media, deliberately offering poor quality and aesthetics. Thanks to a lot of
    video-wankers in the past years, we’re in front of a cetrain academicism in video-art, that is just unbearable: today the art-crowd expects video-art to fulfil their expectations in the same way they did about painting back in the days, when Manet was still around.
    So I guess you’re right: Video-art? Up yours!
    Best! DC, Geneva

  43. A heartening video which makes up for the lack of the artist’s technique ability with a surplus of symbolism. The background causes the most prominent reflection and confirms the artist’s vision of a world where dreams can be captured and landscapes tamed, a surrealistic world of selfindulgence, erotism and pleasure. It’s an important work, not original but still important. For those who work and deal everyday with contemporary art, in a time when art critics lost their place and status, society needs artists to come up with stuff like this to luch back the timeless question: what is Art? Or better said, in the presence of this piece, what the fuck is Art? Anything goes? Must we accept in stupid silence The Naked King? Na, some “artworks” are just pure bullshit and this one is just bad porn.

  44. Are you serious? Do you realy consider this art?
    This is a joke, right?


    only good thing is the bad French.

  46. hot!

  47. suuuuper contemporary …… maybe a long time ago, brody when do you learn??? :)

  48. greenscreen is better for human skin…

  49. Why only anonymous critique…?

  50. All artists are porn artists, all art is porn – just one is truthful, one is dissembling.

  51. OSTBLOCK BULLSHIT CHEAP PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t these guys just stop pretending they are artists when they are just arrogant wankers?

  52. I really like this, it would be a nice french lesson for beginners at school :-) and it’s certainly not as boring as most super esthetic video art being made nowdays.

  53. You are talentless hacks. Art is about being professional, creative, and having a “TALENT” for creating. All you do is destruction: skinning dogs, creating cheap porn, killing parrots. All you are doing is making the world dumber with your pathetic attempts at art and pointless statements. You are the type that gives artists bad names. Please quit now in the name of art, or please stop calling “whatever it is you do” art, because it is nothing but a sorry excuse for lack of talent.

  54. Tellement nul et ça a couté combien pour ce résultat minable ?

  55. zzzzzzzzzzzz! what a boring crap!

  56. CRUZES!!!!!

  57. note to self: if i want my work to get lots of attention – use porn.
    actually, i like the piece. pretty hilarious i think. i think it works – for me – on a number of levels. one, as a deconstruction of porn – what i mean is how it refuses the viewer any engagement in terms of believability that these acts are somehow the result of passion as porn usually attempts to do (and often unsuccessfully). this is sex devoid of sexuality. Intercourse without intimacy. likewise, art is often celebrated as the spontaneous passionate creation of the of the artist, when often it is much more contrived and constructed than romantic narratives of “The Artist” would have us believe. Then there’s the sexist paintbrush as phallus concept, which was a common idea in the 19th century (still pretty common today sadly) – that is creativity designated as a male trait passed on from The Father or a male Godhead to his sons. In a strange way the piece reminds me of something Lars Von Trier might have done had he attended an art academy (just before being kicked out). all in all i’d say the piece is more thought provoking for me than the original and definitely funnier. …but of course the original wasn’t really an original either. in terms of comments on the site, what’s the point really, like most comments on social networked sites i usually regret i even read them. it seems that a dialogue of named people might be much more useful.