Kinderview (2005) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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A project with 15 children in Berlin, Soldiner Kiez – a neighbourhood with a high proportion of immigrants. During the summer the children interviewed 10 adults from different professional and social backgrounds. The interviews were directed by the children, trying to reverse the usual power structure between adults and children. This work resulted in:

1) A neighbourhood newspaper, printed and distributed for free to 8.000 homes in Soldiner Kiez.

2) A video film documenting the interviews.

Radio Jojo interview (excerpt):

Who’s the boss here?

The Boss is Thomas Röhlinger, who happens to be on vacation for a week.

Is the boss lazy?

The boss is absolutely not lazy. On the contrary he’s very, very hard-working and he even sleeps very little, because he works so hard for his radio.