Gerhard Richter (2005) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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Groupshow “Flicker!”, at Projekt 0047 in Berlin.

The Groupshow “Flicker!” consisted in 15 successive solo shows. We decided to curate a solo show for Gerhard Richter. The exhibition had 3 parts:

1) A sound piece with recorded telephone calls in broken German, trying to invite Gerhard Richters for a show at the Projekt 0047.

2) A 2 channel video interview with Edith Richter – widow of a late Gerhard Richter who died 07/02/2005.

3) A live performance with 3 five-year-old children putting up the title of the exhibition as a a wall-drawing on the gallery wall.

Excerpt from Calling Gerhard Richter:

– Yes?
– Yes hello, can I speak with Gerhard Richter please?
– He is not there.
– Ah, OK, thanks, bye.
– What’s it about then?
– Yes my name is Ondrej Brody and I am a curator from Berlin and I make an exhibition at the Project Room 0047 and I would very much like invite you and participate in this exhibition.
– Oh well, he is not there, I am sorry…
– Yes, no problem, I will call later.


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  3. go kill yourself

  4. There are a lot of Gerhard Richters. And a lot of similar ideas:

  5. Yawn. Far from original, tired and passe. If this is your best effort, don’t bother.

  6. ——————– ——————————————————————————

  7. speachless

  8. sprachlos

  9. still thunderstruck

  10. choked up

  11. floored

  12. tongue-tied

  13. richter strucks all of a heap

  14. paetau lost for words

  15. yes, hello all, i’m taken aback, now, is that all?

  16. tongueless telephony

  17. mute

  18. stunned

  19. dumb shit this is

  20. Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau
    ich moechte euch fuer eine austellung einladen:
    please send me your cv
    liebe gruesse

  21. Sloppy sloppy work: the 1 to 2 pixel black border at top & side in some instances— in work so technically elementary, such errors can only be attributed to carelessness or ignorance, not choice.

  22. I think this work is GREAT and all you people here SUCK

  23. Affff

  24. may I call you and say “I don´t know the artist Gerhard Richter and I am interested?”

  25. cant wait for the one on michael jackson….should be refining it by now, right? another two months!? we can wait.

  26. these critique posts is the real stuff

  27. are

  28. Great!

    Demétrius Cotta
    Rede aan!
    Brasil / MG

  29. check out studio braun

  30. eso es todo?

  31. lost for words

  32. kristofer i don’t know what to say

  33. great work! thanks for sharing!

  34. Curators of power would automatically be limited. The artist himself should have all the power.

  35. Hmm.. funny.. but not much more than that. I don’t see any discussion going on, though I guess that when making such a work it is to create an investigation and discussion. If you are really interested in the subject then you could go much further and make a research.

    And: The way you talk in the video does not suggest a high level of seriousness in my ears at least, and even though I’m not famous and do wish to have more shows, I would not even take it very serious if you asked me for a show in this way.

  36. is this about rejection?

  37. I see this as an example of how NOT to act as a curator, independently of the fame of the artist.
    More unprofessional than this is hardly possible…

  38. why should we be obsessed with having to top each other forever? that is why everything´s getting used up these days, including band names and off-key ideas.

  39. OK! Yes

  40. Nowdays with the economical crisis artists and curators are getting even more tired and scared to try to fight the system or even to make fun out of it (like this work is doing in my opinion).

  41. The Professional Artist included in a cultural and official circuit are extremely dependent of money, fame, and media for growth his ego…!!!
    Art is a cultural manifestation not exclusively of empire of Cultural Media, as a Magazine, Galleries, Museums, an artist as a Icon…

    The famous artists is similar to a Bunker… they are alone… talking with a Capitalism way of life… they… I supposed are in the limits far away to beyond good and evil…

    This is a Visual Poem of my authorship…. ART IS APARTHEID…

    Thank you for your special electronic message with a this frozen conversation… that´s reveal to us how the art as institution loose your path and sense… conducted by the hand of ridiculous business…

    Tulio Restrepo
    Multimedia Artist
    Zona Postal Mail Art Network
    A.A. 65.376 Medellín – Colombia