De Profundis (2006) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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Z33 – Art Center in Hasselt, Belgium.

A dark and desolate full moon landscape with a tree bending over a graveyard and a small wooden church is the setting for a ‘Wunderkammer’ for children, including a collection of religious objects. A group of local children aged 6 to 10 performs religious ‘rituals’ in this setting. The religious rituals consist of several Latin prayers and a Latin Mass, repeated phonetically and devoted to the specific religious objects. The collaboration with the children resulted in a ‘religious movie’ which was part of the installation.

qui custos es mei,
Me tibi commissum pietate superna;
(Hodie, Hac nocte) illumina,
custodi, rege, et guberna.

ANGEL of God,
my guardian dear,
To whom his love commits me here;
Ever this (day, night) be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.