CROQUIS � Performative Art for the People! (2006) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau


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5 drawing sessions at Kunsthallen Brandts, Denmark:

1.- Bodybuilder & Pony
A bodybuilder posing with a pony.

2.- Porn Couple
No penetration just suggesting different sexual positions.

3.- Aerobic
Two fat men and a skinny trainer in underwear.

4.- Model In the Box
A nude model disappears inside a cardboard box and remains there for the duration of the drawing session.

5.- Jesus
A model posing on the cross. The model should look like Jesus.

Popular Art?

Not to get confused with populism, real popularity seems to be unattainable within the context of contemporary art. By re-injecting the obsolete artistic expression of figure drawing in a performative (institutional) context, we provoke misunderstanding from both ‘conservative’ and ‘progressive’ art publics.

Conservative versus Progressive?

CROQUIS contains two levels of production that blend into each other. On a ‘conservative level’, we are using a traditional way of learning and producing art (croquis drawing) as an encouraging strategy to operate on a ‘progressive level’: a performative and participative context of art production.