Artstar (2004) by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau

ARTSTAR (2004)


Text by Radim Labuda

Artstar is an intervention on national TV in the fine arts show Artoza (Arthosis) which staged a parody of the TV phenomenon related to ‘Superstar’ shows. Among all the spoof act contestants, there was only one ‘real performer’ who managed to transgress the situation, which the jury, – totally perplexed and confused – failed to realize. (And the performer failed to bring spare pants with him.)

Excerpts from the dialogue of the jury members:

Dear friends, Czech Republic is looking for an artstar. Unknown artists from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia have finally the opportunity to become real stars. So please, can you show us your art!! … What the hell!!! … I didn’t excpect this thing!! What the hell! … He is a maniac … I thought it would be enough that he is transparent … Look it’s still pouring, that’s not bad at all!! I am totally perplexed … I don’t know whether to speak with him or not … It’s still pouring and pouring … I don’t want to look anymore. How would you describe this thing? Was it an action or a philosophical statement or a visual piece? How would you categorize it?


22 Responses to “ Artstar (2004) ”

  1. hahahaha…. how deep can u guys sink?

  2. Genius intervention! I loved how the jury of “art experts” was completely lost in this situation


    Jaromir Svozilik

  4. ahoj, I wish jury work was only half that entertaining.the members are really great, I’m a big fan of the idea of combining Suruvka and Michal and putting lady vlasta in their middle. greetings from zuzana

  5. Great intervention with mainstream media! It’s not about wanking the ego of the artist, it’s an expression of protest to the formatting made by media

  6. The gentleman strikes me as a media whore, and I like it !

  7. I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain….

  8. What a TALENT! Great acting work, too. Anonymous Says.

  9. Clever.

  10. conventional genius…conventional ambition…surviving your own clever ideas…..

  11. That was not only exciting sexually, but also very creative! Just pee on the jury, I hate critics…
    I would never take him out. I would sure take him to bed! 😉

  12. makes me feel good.

  13. where are the other candidats ?

  14. molto divertente gianni cella

  15. i don´t get it, what is this, hello, what is this show, is it real, hello, i don´t get it….

  16. haha!

  17. Fantastic artwork! What a statement! Congratulations.

  18. why do you send me your horrible artworks?

  19. very Duchmpian

  20. Looks good!

  21. I haven’t enough money tu buy yuor artworks. I havnen’t enough money but your works are great.

  22. i DO NOT like your art!