This work was made in La Paz, Bolivia in collaboration with the local shoe shining boys. Instead of having our shoes polished we offered them small white leather canvases (1 foot by 1 foot) to be tinted in different colors and polished. Each monochrome is accompanied by a video recording of the process and the shoe shining kit which was used to produce the monochrome.






24 Responses to “ Lustracromos (2007) ”

  1. great work again guys!

  2. Another stupid wannabe shock-exploitation by artists without inspiration and talent. Please find another passtime and stop bothering people with your teenage stuff

  3. I think that this work is much better than the Francis Allys shoe shinning work which was too much about aestheticizing something exotic … it is pure conceptual beauty, nothing is moreover. Thumbs up!

  4. Your works are always problematic and provocative, it seems that you enjoy that attitude and the criticisms that people write as a reaction… this could be seen as a courageous critical attitude or as a blunt provocation strategy. In both cases it seems that you still remain in an outsider position towards the (art)world that you are criticizing and in relationship to the public that you address: a difficult position to hold on to for a longer time… Good luck!

  5. STUPID!

  6. Great work and very nice !

  7. Cheap. Anybody can produce and realize an idea like yours, which doesn’t mean they are worth seeing. So what ?

  8. I support and commission experimental art – but personally I like random obsure projects to be dynamic or interesting. Didnt get anything from this process or the end artwork. Could have been so much more. I haven’t seen your work before, the only way I think this works is if you are parodying the pointlessness of some art projects

  9. I understand you want to provoke, but taking the tools these kids had to earn their living was not neccessary.
    Thumbs down.

  10. Good work! It just goes to show that creativity is a human activity to express oneself and the shoeshine man was simply expressing his craft with the canvas you provided…and stupid people don’t get it? “Tabula Raza”

  11. why so critical everyone? – art is about a moment of creation, an experience between artist and material/tools, between artist and environment and even between artist and participant. open your minds! the project gave these boys a chance to be a part of something, to be honored. that is beautiful!

  12. fun project,, would be great if you had more fotos to illustrate the project..


  13. I LOVE you guys and in turn almost despise the people who insult you. You guys are brilliant, tenacious, thoughtful, interesting, adventurous, and obviously incredibly creative, provocative, intellectual. Your work is valuable. Ignore the naysayers. I am very sensitive to stupid pointless art and you have broken through to me for whatever its worth. From the rat lingerie on transsexuals to this, you’ve got my vote. I hope you get more exposure. I assume you paid these guys their shoe shine rates and I imagine they have a chance to turn a mundane activity into something artful and expressive. I wish you were women so I could write about you on what women make. If you ever do a show in NY, let me know. My partner and I ( would love to come see it and maybe interview you on film.

  14. Extraordinary, am so dismayed at the negative replies! Is it always about the viewer? The consumer? How different is this from the Watts Towers art project in LA or giving cameras to kids to photograph their neighborhoods? It’s fitting to have them use their own tools, they are familiar and skilled with them. What you are saying to the children is ” what you do that is ordinary, common, of little value now becomes special.” There is a experiential self respect, a dignity in this project that every child involved will never forget. You made my day to see this. Look how proudly the shoeshine boy signs his name.
    “Cheap. Anybody can produce and realize an idea like yours, which doesn’t mean they are worth seeing. So what ?” Have another Fatbburger, Mr. Consumer, it’s certainly all about you!

    Well done!

  15. Art takes to the Street! Art is in the Street! Art is in our hearts and hands and eyes! What a joy you gave those shoe shine artists. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Very special concept and project. I can celebrate the artfulness and the recognition of those workers. I just hope you purchased those kits at a highly respectable price and the boys were able to replace them with something better that would continue to provide livelihood to the boys. (Any ideas on whether the original kits were passed from parents to children or where else they came from?)

  17. well done. continue the good job.

  18. amaizing!!!!!! felicitaciones!!!!!!!
    más información por favor

  19. Beautiful. To highlight this unseen so eloquently. Thankyou

  20. so as i see, it is/was a good work. i hope the shoe shining boys have got their portion of the increment value!

  21. nice

  22. Lieber Kristofer, lieber Ondrej,
    gefällt mir sehr gut, wieder eine schöne Idee. Und die Kommentare zu verfolgen ist sehr lustig. Interessant, dass einige der positiven Reaktionen sehr ausführlich begründet sind, die negativen fast gar nicht…
    Liebe Grüße, keep up the good work

  23. Anyone who thinks this is provocative probably has a a good reason to do so: Any bourgeois bohemian obviously has to feel provoked, as this figures an implicit attack to the bourgeois mythology of the genius at work and puts the idea of (artistical) work and the associated creation of symbolic capital and surplus value into perspective. To me it’s just a piece of work about work, about the relationship between a bootblack and a squire, and between a fucking disgusting Deleuze-reading yuppie and the submissive artist. No more no less and totally justified!
    Love it,
    Diego Castro

  24. goods