Participation in a group exhibition at ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art Karlsruhe (Germany):

The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds After 1989 (September 17, 2011 – February 05, 2012)

We are participating in this group exhibition with the work: Wang Bin Torture in Commercial Quality, High Quality, and Museum Quality. A triptych commissioned to be painted in China based on an explicit photograph of the massacred torso of  Wang Bin. Wang Bin died as a result of torture inflicted on Falun Dafa members by the Chinese government. Although the original photograph is un-sharp, there is no doubt about what it is depicting. Using the Chinese painting companies’ own product quality grade system, we commissioned the image to be painted in all three quality grades offered: Commercial Quality, High Quality and Museum Quality. What at the first glance appears as cynical artistic exploitation can also be seen as a shock of realities revealed through a conceptual artistic process. On one hand, most civilized countries condemn torture and censorship, on the other, they are eager to profit from Chinas’ cheap production forces and ruthless commercialism. The marketing of art in ‘Commercial Quality, High Quality, and Museum Quality’ is alien to general art practice as the artistic and monetary value of a painting is usually not relative to labor time or technical skill.

Information about the exhibition:$7514

Curators: Peter Weibel, Andrea Buddensieg
Co-Curators: Jacob Birken, Antonia Marten
Curatorial Committee: N’Goné Fall (FR/SN), Carol Lu (CN), Jim Supangkat (ID), Patrick D. Flores (PH)
Curator of Education: Henrike Plegge
Scientific adviser: Hans Belting
Exhibition Architecture: Kuehn Malvezzi with Samuel Korn

Participating artists (et al.):
Bani Abidi, AES Group, Halim Al-Karim, Halil Altindere, Francis Alÿs, Rasheed Araeen, Kader Attia, Yto Barrada, Richard Bell, Guy Ben-Ner, Tamy Ben-Tor, Michael Bielicky & Kamila B. Richter, Ursula Biemann, Zander Blom, Santiago Borja, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau, Erik Bünger, Roberto Cabot, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Chto delat?, Mansour Ciss Kanakassy & Baruch Gottlieb & Christian Hanussek, Com&Com, Minerva Cuevas, Neil Cummings & Marysia Lewandowska, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Manthia Diawara, Ala Ebtekar, Nezaket Ekici, Yara El-Sherbini, Elmgreen & Dragset, Erika & Javier, Doug Fishbone, Brendan Fernandes, Meschac Gaba, Thierry Geoffroy, Ghana Think Tank, Matthias Gommel, Josh Greene with Yangzi, Anawana Haloba Hobøl, Hong Hao, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Mona Hatoum, Antonia Hirsch, Pieter Hugo, Ashley Hunt, IRWIN and NSKSTATE.COM, David Jablonowski, Melanie Jackson, Christian Jankowski, Anna Jermolaewa, Jin Shi, JJ XI & Cai Yuan, Jompet, Martin Kippenberger, Agung Kurniawan, Surasi Kusolwong, Will Kwan, Moshekwa Langa, Ben Lewis, Liu Ding, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, James Luna, Pooneh Maghazehe, Tirzo Martha, Gabriele di Matteo, Miao Xiaochun, Mirza/Butler, Nástio Mosquito, Krisna Murti, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Ni Haifeng, Eko Nugroho, Mattias Olofsson, Adrian Paci, Leila Pazooki, Pavel Pepperstein, Pinky Show, Tadej Pogacar, Elodie Pong, Nusra Latifa Quereshi, Raqs Media Collective, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Navin Rawanchaikul, RYBN, Ho-Yeol Ryu, Ruth Sacks, Chéri Samba, John Smith, Sean Snyder, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, SOSka group, Michael Stevenson, Hito Steyerl, Mladen Stilinovic, Jens M. Stober, Jim Supangkat, Superflex, Stephanie Syjuco, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Tintin Wulia, The Xijing Men, Xu Bing, Zhou Tiehai

ZKM | Museum für Neue Kunst
Opening: 16.09.2011


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